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The Compassionate Revolution

The Compassionate Revolution is produced by and for independent-minded Americans, seeking to forge a new path for American politics and political culture. Each episode highlights activists, politicians, reformers, and others working to advance We the People’s power and authority in our republic, to end the duopoly’s stranglehold over our systems of self-governance, and to implement meaningful and lasting political culture reform in the United States. Hosted in a talk-show format by Dr. June Klees, the Compassionate Revolution is where independent-minded Americans connect to ideas, people, and resources, and find the sense of community needed to inspire and inform each other’s work!

June Klees

Dr. June Klees is a historian and social and behavioral science instructor at Bay College in Michigan. She has presented and written about “subject-value pedagogy” and has produced scholarly works and exhibits in field of history. June is a civics activist and co-founder of Compassionate America and the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement.