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Tag: Digital Literacy

Sorting News from Misinformation

Posted in Civics Online

Many days the news that is thrown at us in the television media, print, and social media. How do you sort the facts from those stories that are working to mislead you? In this post, I will give you just a few tips, and we will delve more deeply into this over other posts and future episodes. Check the source! Is this a story from a legitimate news site? In our Civics Online links, we give you two options for checking News Sources, including their Bias and Reliability. If it is not directly from a news site, disregard the information…

Welcome to Civics Online!

Posted in Civics Online

Welcome to Civics Online, I want to introduce you to basic resources for protecting yourself online. We will discuss the crossover in protecting your digital identity and information and recognizing good sources and factual information. Choose a quality (long) password or passphrase and do not reuse passwords Use a Password Manager to help you keep unique passwords Use multifactor authentication (MFA, 2FA) with your accounts – you should need a code or text message to verify your identity and log in Keep your machine up to date, turn on automatic updating when you first buy a phone, tablet or computer…