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We Help Get the Word Out!

If you are one of the thousands of people in communities across America who are involved in bridge-building and pro-democratic republic work, we strive to help to get the word out about your work to other Americans. If you are someone looking for real solutions and ways forward for Americans, we are here to help you connect to the organizations and groups doing serious, hope-inspired, meaningful, problem-solving work.

Why? — Because we believe that hope is a stronger narrative than the fear. And for far too long a fear-based narrative has been spun at the expense of the values of our republic by the duopoly-media nexus. Thus, we seek to offer our fellow Americans hope for a more compassionate America by raising awareness, connecting, amplifying, and promoting the work of groups who: take action to preserve and promote democracy under the rule of law of our Constitution, seek to advance justice and equality, promote problem-solving and innovation, and expect elected employees to govern on our behalf with independent-minded wisdom and compassion.

We do so by studying, vetting, partnering, and networking with other organizations, promoting pro-democractic republic/dialogue groups online via Twitter and offline by helping groups brainstorm and reach past the social-media/digital divide to help others in the country feel empowered to engage in similar reforms, particularly locally.

Historically, we ran a YouTube series program called The Compassionate Revolution. (See samples on YouTube). But, time, energy, resources led us to leave that work and focus on different means of national, regional, and local amplification of the growing body of Americans who have had enough of dysfunctional partisan tribalism, extremism, and gridlock and are actively doing the challenging, meaningful, patriotic, peaceful work of self-governance in a democratic republic such as ours.

  • Gregory Anderson is an independent-minded American and pod-caster and founder of The NonPartisan Observer. He has produced the shows The American Electorate, The Political Independent, and an upcoming new podcast, Life in the Center! The latter will be released in 2022.
  • DeAnna Beachley, PhD, is a professor of History and Women’s Studies at the College of Southern Nevada, DeAnna is co-director of a Teaching American History grant and teaches American American Women’s Movement history. She is a published humanities scholar, visual artist, and poet.

  • Sondra Cosgrove, PhD, is a “been-there-done-that” civics expert, a professor of social sciences at the College of Southern Nevada, former president of the Nevada League of Women Voters, and co-founder of VoteNevada, which has been active in that state in promoting civic engagement and educational initiatives for Nevadans.

  • Patricia Clay, MBA, is an information technologist and Chief Information Officer for Hudson County Community College in New Jersey. She serves on the EDUCAUSE Awareness and Training Working Group, focusing her attention on issues of equity and Information Security in Higher Education.

  • Alex Darlington is a student at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania who is majoring in political science. He also does social media work for The Reunited States. Entirely independent of Compassionate America, which does not endorse candidates or parties, Alex also is the chairman of the Stair Party.

  • June Klees, PhD, is a generalist historian and educator at Bay College in Michigan, where she strives to help others see the individual value of: non-partisan mindsets, civics, critical thinking, and the humanities/social-behavioral sciences in everyday life. She has developed history-related exhibits and has presented and published on topics tied to history and teaching.