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NOTICE:  Compassionate America is a message, not a charity.  No donations of any kind are accepted.  Editing of this site is ongoing, particularly as we strive to make the site as accessible to others as possible.  Thank you for your understanding!

Dear Visitors,

The creators of share this page as an expression of hope and activism for a new, 21st Century ideology for the American people.  This site has been developed by volunteers.  The wording may not be exactly how you or your organization would say things, but we ask that you foremost consider the intention and goal behind what is being said.  We all understand and use language differently, and Compassionate America worked to be as inclusive and as comprehensive as possible in its messaging.  We are imperfect people, too, though, and each sentence or word might not be exactly how others would say things.  We hope that a larger mission unites us and that you will consider becoming a Compassion Activist by sharing “Hope for A Compassionate America,” the “Declaration of Mission,” and Please do so with respect for the spirit and intention of our work, even if you would not express things in the same way. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and compassion!

Opinions expressed on this site are those of the members of Compassionate America alone and do not necessarily reflect views or positions held by other individuals, groups, or institutions with whom we are otherwise affiliated.