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Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement

Compassionate America is a partner organization of the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement.

MISSION: Through the study and application of *Compassion Ideology in civil society, the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement [CCCE] unites and empowers community colleges and/or their employees to be resources for compassion-based civic engagement in the United States of America.

ORGANIZATION: The CCCE is organized around two types of activities – CCCE Led and Partner Led.

CCCE Led Activites

  • Civics and You 101 (currently in development) is a free, open-access, educational resource for individuals, businesses, and groups for the purpose of learning about the fundamentals of civics and locally-focused applications of compassion-based civic engagement.
  • Guest Speaker Bureau is a list of Compassion Ideology-related speakers and their contact information, serving as a resource from which members or others may draw from for local use. Additionally, the CCCE occasionally hosts online speakers and related resources.
  • Journal of Applied Compassion Studies (in development) is a web-based, academic journal.
  • Digital/Social-Media Presence is maintained by the CCCE and evolves technologically as best serves its mission. Currently the CCCE’s web presence is housed on

Partner Led Activities

  • Compassionate America:
    • Listen Closely, America!” – A podcast empowering and bonding Americans through intergenerational, empathy-based conversations about Compassion ideology and its application in the United States of America.
    • – A website that houses and promotes the mission Compassionate America. It includes compassion activism resources, as well as information about projects like the “Listen Closely, America!” Blog & Civics Guru Corner.
    • Declaration of Mission – A non-partisan, new “We the People” document in American history that has been developed in service to the American people in order to promote long-term political-culture change in the self-governance of our republic. Candidates for elected employment are asked to sign the Compassionate America Challenge and to represent using the principles of Compassion Ideology.
  • Compassionate Engagement: A newsletter that promotes the activities and events of Compassionate America, along with the use of Compassion Ideology in the arts, humanities, and social-behavioral sciences.