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Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement

MISSION: Through the study and application of *Compassion Ideology for civil society, the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement [CCCE] unites and empowers community college communities to be resources for compassion-based civic service in the United States of America.

ORGANIZATION: The CCCE oversees or promotes two sets of activities – CCCE-Led and Partner-Led.

CCCE-Led Activites

  • The Civics Corps is a national, community-college based initiative in development that helps college students and their local communities be leaders in civic service and civics education.
  • Digital/Social-Media Presence is maintained by the CCCE and evolves technologically as best serves its mission. Currently the CCCE’s web presence is housed on Use the “Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement” tab to access CCCE-related materials.

Partner-Led Activities

  • Compassionate America:
    • Compassionate America Network houses programming by and for Independent-Minded Americans tied to civics-education, civic-awareness, and civic-reform initiatives. Content is shared via YouTube.
    • Complaint for Declaratory Relief and the related 50 States+ Strategy will be launched in 2021. We the People as plaintiffs will be filing a complaint for relief against the two major political parties to demonstrate their unconstitutional usurpation of representative democracy in the United States dating back to the election of 1800. 
    • *Declaration of Mission/Compassionate America Challenge – A non-partisan, “We the People” document in American history that has been developed in service to the American people in order to promote long-term, political-culture change in the self-governance of our republic. Candidates for elected employment are asked to sign the Compassionate America Challenge and to represent in office using the principles of Compassion Ideology, in order to forge a new way forward in We the People’s republic.