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Want to be a Compassion Activist?

Hello! If you wish to use Compassionate America messaging to challenge and educate individuals espousing “Left-Right Extremism, particularly online, the “Copy-Paste” wording found below, when responding to others.


  • We ask that everyone use the “Copy Pastes” found below and all information on this site solely for the purpose of sharing the message of Compassionate, far and wide. Peaceful activism online matters, now!
  • When interacting online please post your “Copy-Paste” message and then please walk away from correspondence or discussion with divisive individuals/groups, when acting on behalf of The online world is loud; thus, the most peaceful and respectful approach is to post and quietly “walk away.” 

The purpose of these “Copy-Pastes” is to respectfully and firmly stand up for what we believe online, while also sharing the website. Thus, the first three words in each “Copy-Paste” sentence is an html link to

Daily-Life Activism

We won’t dictate how to carry out peaceful, daily-life activism.  However, if you’re a Compassionate American challenging the negative and destructive behaviors undermining our Republic’s well-being in this Era of American Discord, please read the “Declaration of Mission.”  It may serve as a guide. Please also consider sharing the full text of “Hope for A Compassionate America,” either in print or digital form with others.  Please include the URL

Disclaimer: Compassionate Americans does not promote or condone the activity of anyone who misuses or abuses the sentiments contained on this site for abuse, ridicule, or the likeThose who agree with and try to live from sentiments, like those mentioned on this site, are encouraged to consider themselves Compassion Activists and to use hashtags like #compassionactivist and #compassionaspatriotism.

Please participate in these activities, only if you are comfortable interacting with others in this way.

Thank you!