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What is a Compassionate American?

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There are times in life when we all can feel or act combatively. Like other things, it’s an unfortunate part of being a human. Being non-combative or compassionate, though, doesn’t mean avoiding standing up for oneself or being unassertive. Unfortunately, in the United States, We the People have allowed the two-party-machines and corporate media to infect us with the illness of combativeness. Of late, we are seeing how truly unwell we are. Make no mistake, there are compassionate people among the ranks of the parties and media, who have sought to make changes from within. However, it clearly has become…

Civics Guru Corner

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PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: BUT, we’re glad you’re here… mosey around and see what we have in store to help Compassionate Americans weather these times of civic and political culture change. Need a Civics Guru? We’ve got em’! Compassionate America (CA) is a partner with the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement (CCCE) whose mission reads, “through the study and application of Compassion Ideology for civil society, the … CCCE unites and empowers community colleges to be resources for compassion-based civic engagement in the United States of America! To meet it’s objectives, the CCCE is partnering with real live civics experts on…

Declaration of Mission Audio Series

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“We the People’s” Document (Declaration of Mission), sets the intention of the American people to self-govern based on Compassion Ideology, now and for generations of children to come! With compassionate hearts and reasoning minds, We the People expect our elected representatives to put people first and central in their work as employees of the Republic. The following audio files contain a reading of the full text of the Declaration of Mission. Follow this link to read an abridged (short) version of the document. Declaration of Mission (full text)

A Thank You and A Note About Our Goals

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A THANK YOU and A NOTE ABOUT OUR GOALS! Thanks to everyone for visiting our site and reading our documents. We truly hope that they can help as a unifying voice for all people who value compassion, no matter who they are or where they are in the United States.  Our voices need to be heard.  We are not seeking to form a political party; we simply wish to promote compassion as a new ideological narrative in America for the 21st century. Admittedly, we are latecomers to the online world of activism.  Indeed, some of us had reservations about stepping out to this…