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Hope for a Compassionate America

May the best of the “Spirit of 1776” take hold now in the hearts and minds of every American, no matter who or where they are! 

May we recall who we are as a people. We are family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and kind strangers, all born under the same sky and stars.

May we be reminded that this country stands for a universal truth: that we all are created equal and should have the same rights and opportunities under the laws that we follow by our own consent.

May we deeply appreciate that our government was designed to be “of, by, and for the people.” May we understand that means US, and may we realize that WE are the reason America is as it is and that, for far too long, we’ve allowed democracy to be a “spectator sport.”

May we now stand as strongly for liberty as those before us who gave their hearts, hands, and lives for the greater good, during times of:  war, disaster, plague, and civil injustice or unrest.

May we remember that our purple mountains, deserts, prairies, beaches, and pines have housed generations of people, just like us, who gazed at sunsets, with good will in their hearts and regrets for when they could’ve done better. Also like us, but often with greater obstacles in their way, they too struggled to live a decent life, while loving and doing the best they could with what they had and knew.

May we humbly remember that our ancestors, our neighbors, and ourselves are not perfect, and that our flaws are part of a common bond that honors the fundamental human need for love, compassion, and forgiveness.

May we awaken and realize that patriotism is more than pledges or the flag. It long has been expressed by those who quietly enter their days, with hearts and minds open, committed to treating others well through common-sense compassion that serves the greatest possible good.

And, when we remember these truths, may we then be emboldened to do our duties to vote, outreach to representatives, volunteer, and to demand civics, civility, and compassion in all public spheres, as THE most important ideological agenda for the 21st Century!

May we care enough to wisely stay informed about the world to be able to vote confidently, while not letting the sadness of the 24-hour-news cycle harden our hearts or lead us to act out against others, from ignorance or fear.

May we firmly, but peacefully, express our patriotism in these ways, as we collectively face another crossroads of crisis in our beloved country’s history. May we realize what’s at stake and strive to be wise and compassionate in all that we think, say, and do.

May this message be a clarion call to Compassionate Americans. May it be heard only as a loving request for action. Remember how in youth we were told to be “kind and good to one another?” Yet, rarely did we ask “why?”  The why, my friends, is in our hearts whenever we look into a loved one’s eyes.

And, now, may everyone, after reading these words look at or think about anyone whom they love, and completely and thoroughly feel how much that love matters.

May America, and everyone in it, be blessed, in whatever way you use the term. Thank you! Compassionate America:  Live it, Share it!

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Joining Peace with Caring

So, what did you think?

Overall, are these sentiments that speak to you in some way?

If so, we are asking for your help, and we’d like to tell you why. But, just like us, we know you’re busy. So, this part of the page is for folks who want to spend just a little bit more time with us. Who are we?

We are average, everyday, caring, very much wanting to be hopeful, self-defined, Compassionate Americans rising together to declare a New American Ideology for the 21st Century.

It’s okay if you don’t know what the word ideology means. For now, think of it simply as a written up version of what your mind can imagine when you sit back, relax for a moment, and think about what kind of society you’d like for the United States of America to have. Think about what We the People will need to do ensure that our elected officials maintain a dedication to Compassion Ideology, while governing on our behalf.

But, we also have to keep this real. Ideals are important. We should have them. Ideals and daydreams help us to be more creative in finding fair, just, equitable, balanced, socially-aware solutions to the challenges America is facing, however we may define them. From that, and through the processes of self-governance we have every right as We the People to decide the tone and style of our self-governing.

So, please consider this question:

What, do you imagine, would be the ideal life for you and your family, friends, neighbors, school districts, towns and cities, states, and the country?

We don‘t have the answers, here. We are asking you. After you’ve done so, please read the Declaration of Mission, and if it touches your heart and mind, please “Live it; Share it,” particularly with your elected representatives. We hope to see the “Declaration of Mission” submitted to every representative body in the United States of America on behalf of We the People for whom our republic was created and to which we have responsibilities, now and in the future.