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Civics Online

Welcome to Civics Online with your host, Ms. Trisha Clay. In each episode, Trisha will discuss avoiding the common and even not-so-common pitfalls and challenges of researching and engaging civically online!

  • How do you verify that a website is legitimate?
  • How do you avoid false or inaccurate information?
  • How do you keep yourself technically secure while you civically engage online?

Trisha will help you answer these questions and more in every episode!

Meet Trisha Clay!

Trisha is an information technologist and Chief Information Officer for Hudson County Community College in New Jersey. She serves on the EDUCAUSE Awareness and Training Working Group, focusing her attention on issues of equity and Information Security in Higher Education.

Welcome to Civics Online!

Welcome to Civics Online, I want to introduce you to basic resources for protecting yourself online. We will discuss the crossover in protecting your digital identity and information and recognizing good sources and factual information. The basics of digit…