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Politicians! Remember Who Your Employers Are and Pledge to END Combative, Divisive Governance!

Posted in Candidate Challenge, and Civics

Politicians! Do you consider yourself a politician devoted to serving the will of the American people and country over party?  We hope so, as if not, consider your office/campaign on notice and take a few moments to remember who ultimately is in charge of both the form and the how of self-governing in our constitutional republic. We the People – not political party machines, not the media, not government bureaucracies, not certainly not foreign actors are responsible for and will maintain our self-governance. If you haven’t realized, for quite some time there has been a major political culture shift happening…

What is a Compassionate American?

Posted in Civics, and Listen Closely, America!

There are times in life when we all can feel or act combatively. Like other things, it’s an unfortunate part of being a human. Being non-combative or compassionate, though, doesn’t mean avoiding standing up for oneself or being unassertive. Unfortunately, in the United States, We the People have allowed the two-party-machines and corporate media to infect us with the illness of combativeness. Of late, we are seeing how truly unwell we are. Make no mistake, there are compassionate people among the ranks of the parties and media, who have sought to make changes from within. However, it clearly has become…