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PARTNERS IN POLITICS: An Invitation to All Who Seek to Serve the American People and Reform American Politics!

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Last updated on May 3, 2021

Our elected employees can do better, and the people below are participating in the “Compassionate America Challenge.” In other words, they pledged during their campaigns to serve their constituents using Compassionate Governance ideology, as described as a whole in the Declaration of Mission.

The rationale for this new, We the People’s document is grounded in constitutionalism, NOT partisanship. Thus, if you are a political candidate seeking a way forward for the American People that truly reflects the best of our ability to put our country over party, regardless of current or former ties to political organizations, then take the challenge! Become one of the BRAVE citizens serving in our political systems who will advance the nation into a deeper embrace and understanding of Compassionate Governance as the collective will by, of, and for all Americans!

The following is a list of persons or parties who have publicly committed themselves to using Compassion Ideology in their service to the American people. In particular, they have agreed to publicly stand by the heart and mindset behind We the People’s Declaration of Mission on their websites, in campaigning, and most importantly in how they will govern on our behalf. To discuss with us your campaign and the next steps in becoming one of our “Partners in Politics,” please complete this form.

Compassionate America Logo: “Compassionate Governance: A Declaration of Mission for the American People!”



We partner with political candidates, parties, and political reform groups who are standing up for We the People’s republic by challenging the duopoly’s stranglehold over the systems through which we self-govern. We do not seek to unify our mission with other organizations, but rather to build a support and information network. Compassionate America operates in tandem with aligned groups and individuals, nationally to amplify messaging.

If you’d like to learn more about us and meet the Core Team, please complete the following form, and a Compassionate American will outreach to you, soon!

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