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Compassionate America Says “Thank You!” to 2020 Partners in Politics

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Last updated on May 18, 2021

These independent-minded candidates are folks who pledged to take the Compassionate America Challenge in the 2020 election cycle, by agreeing to adopt the philosophy of Compassionate Governance, as put forth in We the People’s Declaration of Mission, if elected. We do not endorse candidates or parties.

Each candidate ran to: challenge the status quo of the duopoly, bring innovative competition into the political field, listen deeply to the needs of constituents, do the hard work/compromise needed for a healthy republic, and serve the American people by helping to bridge divides!

To our Partners in Politics we send out a huge “Thank You!” for your time, energy, and efforts to bridge divides on behalf of We the People! They are:

Compassionate America does not endorse any politician or political party, but we acknowledge that they have signed the pledge in service to the republic.

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