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Politicians! Remember Who Your Employers Are and Pledge to END Combative, Divisive Governance!

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Politicians! Do you consider yourself a politician devoted to serving the will of the American people and country over party?  We hope so, as if not, consider your office/campaign on notice and take a few moments to remember who ultimately is in charge of both the form and the how of self-governing in our constitutional republic. We the People – not political party machines, not the media, not government bureaucracies, not certainly not foreign actors are responsible for and will maintain our self-governance.

If you haven’t realized, for quite some time there has been a major political culture shift happening under your feet. We no longer are interested in democracy as a spectator sport, as the Democrat-Republican-Corporate-Media Complex likes it to be. The American people are fed up and have decided to change the channel back to ourselves and our collective power.

The major, two parties often are out of touch with the hearts and minds of the American people.  They are outdated, dysfunctional, non-compromising, combative machines that no longer are able to represent the will of the American people.  Due to cronyism and machine politics, they block those who seek to affect meaningful, workable solutions for the American people, regardless of party affiliation.

If they cannot reform, then they will find themselves, ideologically if not by name, in the dustbins of history along with the likes of the 19th century’s Federalist and Whig Parties.

We the People
are responsible, caring people who have faltered in closely monitoring OUR republic.  We recognize that the current state of affairs is a reflection of us resting on our laurels over the past several decades.  We have let the parties convert the way we self-govern into a banal, reality-TV show, and we realize and own our error of apathy!

So, like parents who have let immature, bickering kids have too much say in the household, we’re saying “enough!”  We are changing the channel back to us – the American people and the narrative of Compassionate Governance!

Thus, we are putting all current and potential elected employees on notice! Adhere to the principles outlined in the new, We the People’s document in American history, the Declaration of Mission or … perhaps don’t … get re/elected. serves We the People’s republic by amplifying the voices of the real American majority.  We are helping and empowering Americans to elect employees, who are committed our collective and compromised will for self-governance under We the People’s established, governing systems and the Declaration of Mission.

So, here’s the question? 

  • Are you ready to be a 21st Century elected employee of the American people and leave behind 20th-century-style gridlock and combativeness?
  • Are you ready to deeply and respectfully listen to your constituents’ (not your party machines) and include diverse voices/ideas, as you attempt to serve their collective will?
  • Are you ready to transparently compromise with others to achieve win-wins and to remind those who resist honest, compassionate, open, logical, practical, fair, and reasonable compromises of their duty to their employers – the American people? 

If so, then you are ready to take the Compassionate America Candidate Challenge. In applying to take the challenge, you will be allowed promote the Declaration of Mission on your website, in your campaigning, and use it to challenge other candidates! 

But, remember, if you do accept this challenge, then you best mean it.  Why?  Because the American people have awoken from our slumber, are organized for action in numerous ways! We, as your employers, will be watching and holding you accountable, not just in this election season, but from here out!

To learn more and to publicly agree to govern using the principles of We the People’s Declaration of Mission, please spend quality time reading about the Compassionate America Challenge. Your Compassionate Constituents look forward to hiring employees in government who will help them achieve Compassionate Governance Ideology as the norm in how we self-govern now and for our great-grandchildren’s America.


We the Compassionate-Hearted and Reasoning-Minded People of America

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