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What is a Compassionate American?

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Last updated on August 7, 2020

There are times in life when we all can feel or act combatively. Like other things, it’s an unfortunate part of being a human. Being non-combative or compassionate, though, doesn’t mean avoiding standing up for oneself or being unassertive.

Unfortunately, in the United States, We the People have allowed the two-party-machines and corporate media to infect us with the illness of combativeness. Of late, we are seeing how truly unwell we are.

Make no mistake, there are compassionate people among the ranks of the parties and media, who have sought to make changes from within. However, it clearly has become a David and Goliath challenge. Both of these entities have placed money, profits, and cronyism above the will of the American people (unless of course it aligns with their tactics, profits, or self-replicating agendas).

Republican or Democrat, these machines no longer truly serve the American people and instead perpetuate the very problems the American people want to fix. Despite the well-intentioned among their ranks, the duopoly and their allies in corporate media, need to be FIRMLY and for all time reminded that the American people (the ONLY source of power in our Republic) are in charge and now expect them to do better.

We are not just voters! We also are “consumers” of their information, ideas, products, and productions (like “entertainment debates” that do nothing to advance listening, compromise, and productive dialog in the republic). If politics has become a spectator sport or reality TV show making money for politicians and the media, the good news is that with a change of Mission for America, we also can change the channel!

And it’s time! The REAL MAJORITY of Americans, who embrace a life-ideology of compassion and want to elect employees who hold the same values, have decided to pick up our remotes and say “enough” of this “drama” — there has to be a better way for us to self-govern and run OUR republic.

Most Americans are committed to maintaining compassionate hearts and reasoning minds, owning our mistakes, striving to be our better selves, and working toward making amends when we falter. We expect that those who seek to represent us in government do the same. At the very least, they need to value living open-minded and compassionate lives in willing to service others and our country’s greater good.

The fact is that if a person awakens to their combativeness (whatever its source may be), they can challenge themselves to develop the tendencies of Compassionate People. Moreover, the majority of Americans who seek to live from Compassion Ideology must hold ourselves (first), other individuals (second), and our self-governing systems (third) accountable to our collective will by promoting, adopting, and employing We the People’s Declaration of Mission as we self-govern through our elected employees* (representatives).

Compassionate Americans Tend To:

  • maintain growth mindsets,
  • be emotionally or empathically aware,
  • be open-minded,
  • be genuinely giving,
  • be humble/kind,
  • be mostly compromising,
  • have needs/wants focused on a greater good,
  • detest bullying/abuse of others,
  • like democratic approaches to leadership/governing,
  • embrace win-win/sharing narratives,
  • maintain strong levels of personal responsibility/accountability,
  • are willing to serve/sacrifice for a greater good,
  • value people over money, material goods, & getting,
  • care deeply about the distress of others, even when it doesn’t serve them directly,
  • see all people as worthy of human rights
  • value e pluribus unum,
  • highly value fairness, justice, equity, & rule of law,
  • highly value promoting the general welfare of the country.

Combative Americans Tend To:

  • cling to fixed mindsets,
  • be emotionally or empathically unaware,
  • be closed-minded,
  • be selfish,
  • be narcissistic/entitled,
  • be consistently unbending,
  • have needs/wants regardless of impact on others,
  • thrive on bullying/abuse of others,
  • like autocratic approaches to leadership/governing,
  • embrace win-lose/controlling narratives,
  • have weak levels of personal responsibility/accountability,
  • are unwilling to serve/sacrifice for a greater good,
  • value money, material goods, & getting over giving,
  • care little about the distress of others, except when it serves them directly,
  • see only those they identify with as worthy of human rights,
  • do not value e pluribus unum,
  • little or no concern for fairness, justice, equity, & rule of law
  • have little to no concern about promoting the general welfare of the country.
Compassionate America’s Red/White/Blue Logo of Clasped Hands Surrounded by a Ring of Stars

*Elected Employees is a term many have started to use to remind the American people (& their representatives) that We the People are the ONLY source of political power in our republic.

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