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Dear Compassionate People of America,

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It’s me… the Republic – you know the one you got on the road to in 1776 and then later ratified in 1788, with the Constitution.  Yeah, me… the one you’re calling by name so often lately.  You know the one that gets displayed across classrooms in America: me.

Well,sometimes to be compassionate with others, you need to talk VERY directly to them, so that they WAKE UP, become open-minded and see the world a bit differently! 

So, IF YOU WANT TO TELL A DIFFERENT STORY than what currently is going on in the USA, then PLEASE READ this all the way through!  I kinda know what to do, being the Constitution and all… anyway… here’s the title:


THE PLAN TO (for humanity’s and/or God’s sake – honestly, don’t care what you believe) PEACEFULLY DEFEAT TRUMP (and everyone else we’re sick of hearing about) and to RESTORE AMERICAN CIVICS AND CIVILITY, as we move forward TOGETHER (more or less) and “SKIP AHEAD” in order to move past this 20th CENTURY CRAP!

Justification:  Here’s all this to consider next….

  • Okay, and since, like, NO ONE is stepping up to REALLY lead us out of this mess, here is what WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO (remember “I am you and you are me,” sorry … that’s just history autocrats) – I am a Republic, and I ROCK, so kindly…  NO.
  • BUT, I am not feeling well these days.  NO, it’s not the corona-thing, which we ALL should TAKE SERIOUSLY but with COMMON SENSE, and all that.  No, I mean the case of TRUMPNESIA you’ve all acquired!  It’s when you forget that YOU ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING IN THE REPUBLIC – all of it: local, state, federal.  GET IT?  Good.  Thank you.
  • Frankly, it’s dragging me down, and now it looks like it may drag you all down with me… fun? …no., nope, no… it really has not been, now has it?
  • So, IF ALL OF YOU COMPASSIONATE AMERICANS ARE SERIOUS ABOUT IT, THAT IS….  No sitting to the sides, now, and being cranky later… so, here’s what I, WE, YOU suggest, so I, WE, YOU can #MOVEON!
  • Oh, and no we’re truly, honestly, not affiliated with ANYONE…except the American People.

YOU –the average, compassionate type of American– HERE’s YOUR PART: 

  • TRUMPNESIA only is fixed by YOU!  So, #ListenFirst.  Think and talk about everything I’m about to say, and consider it your medicine for ENDING THIS MESS!
  • BEFORE YOU READ, THINK about the fact that CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US RIGHT NOW.  WE must TEACH them (now … and really… I mean this … NOW in this 2020 election cycle… we have to start this now…) HOW to govern ourselves as a republic and to do so compassionately.  Thus, THE PLAN! 🙂
  • Once you all agree that WE NEED TO DO THIS, then it will happen.  Once we GET OURSELVES BETTER EMPLOYEES, we can then let them do what they do, BUT WITH MUCH BETTER SUPERVISION GOING FORWARD, so I can operate as I should, and you all can MOSTLY get back to your lives before THIS MESS, but ideally from here out working together more to make me a more perfect UNION, okay… thanks, I’d really like that a lot! 
  • YOU REALLY NEED TO JUST TRUST ME ON THIS, AMERICA!  Okay?  Because if we continue on this path … well, I guess that’s going to be whatever keeps you up at night.  It’s different for all of us.


Since so many of you like the reality TV stuff, and that’s fine, …it’s just that the world is feeling a lot like that now, with the pundits, political parties, the media (journalism is still good, thankfully…), and since I want you to change the channel back to me in a serious, grassroots, own this contract/country you all made me into way…. K?  Sorta rambled there, but you get the point. So, here we go:

Senator Tulsi Gabbard: 

You’re fine and all, and we really appreciate both your service and your enthusiasm, but you got kinda off track with us somehow. Blessings and Namaste, but “no thank you, at least for now.” Oh, and we appreciate many of your supporter’s beautiful hearts.  Thank you for participating in our democratic process (yes, that has apparently had it’s issues within the DNC and all, so we ask you to keep fighting for cleaning things up there, please, but please don’t do the other stuff… that turned many of us off to what we thought you were going to be.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Biden: 

You both have your points, that’s for sure.  Some people REALLY, I mean apparently really, love you both.  The rest of us find that kinda off-putting if not scary, so we’ve got some hesitations about both of you. “Here’s the thing,” if can I borrow that sort of phrase from you, “Uncle Joe?”  and, “Grandpa Bernie,” (both terms used with respect and affection) I’ll use your hand gestures, so you’re not left out… Constitutional Hugs to you both! Sincerely, I mean that.

Why? Because you both have served the country in government. Thank you. Gosh darn it, I’m glad you did. Someone has to, despite how hard the people can be on you both, at times. Sometimes you deserve the push back, though, remember that and stay humble. That’s part of your job right now… humility. But, like I said, we all have known each other a super-long time, you two, especially…

(I should know you both “wrote the darn things” that dangle off of me and into the lives of the judiciary and the states, and the people, etc… all the time.)

Anyway, since you’ve known each other and talked the talk, tried to walk the walk, and all that… you know DC… you know how it goes. YOU TWO NEED — nope, pretty much …

…you both owe the American people this! And, really guys, when you think of it…


Take a break from all the politking… Frankly we’re all sick of it. Do us an honest favor, and sit down in front of the ENTIRE AMERICAN PEOPLE (that means you’re invited too media/journalists)and #ListenFirst to EACH OTHER.

Do it right in front of all of us, so we can see how well you LISTEN and then how well you WORK with what you’ve learned from each other on a joint project of civics, democracy in action, the beauty of TRANSPARENT SELF GOVERNANCE right before our eyes!


LISTEN to each other in a nationally televised event.

At that event you WILL WORK TOGETHER.  Why?  Because YOU ARE THE JOB INTERVIEWEES AND WE ARE YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS, so arrange with all the media types the time and place and GET IT DONE!

  • First, pledge to govern from the ideology of Compassionate Governance (that doesn’t mean we don’t have national defense people, so don’t get your knickers in a twitch).
  • Second, agree to 100% back the other candidate, when he wins the nomination (one of you will, unless we’re not seeing something from where we sit).
  • Third, literally negotiate as you would with each other when cutting a deal in Congress on your major policies in order to DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE through the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and that you LIVE the ethic of compromise for a greater good that it embodies. 
  • The people will watch how well you compromise.  Then, we will discuss it amongst ourselves (that sounds like something a constitution would say, doesn’t it? lol) and vote. 
  • Oh, and FOURTH, and this one is important – you need to – for the sake of role modeling and LIVING the ethic you espouse to the American people, OFFER Donald Trump the same type of chance to #ListenFirst and compromise in the same way.  He will reject the offer. He will continue to look bad, and it will be another way in which to further defeat whatever the heck “he and his” are up to.  But, more than that! It will earn you BOTH the sincere trust of the American people who you are ASKING… sometimes a bit too much… to support you.

DO THIS AND HOLD THE UNION TOGETHER … OTHERWISE…. The radical folks at both ends of your supporters… might very well ruin things for the REAL MAJORITY of Compassionate Americans who want some or perhaps even a lot of what BERNIE WANTS, but are not just quite ready to get there, yet, so think JOE is the WAY to all of that, eventually, in time if we all work together to get there with mutual respect and support and empathy etc… etc… all the stuff that decent compassionate people want and really still NEED to believe about each other and the world so they can WORK again at DOING A BETTER JOB AT SELF GOVERNANCE.

Thank you very much, everyone out there, for considering what I have to say on your behalf.  I really hope you figure it out for yourselves, so I’m not made useless any time soon.  I have quite a lot of life in me, yet, if you use me in a Compassionate Way versus a Combative one… It’s up to you to decide and for history to judge.  Good luck with your democracy… if you can keep it. Which one of you said something like that, I forget… 😉


Your Republic, as established by the People of the United States of America.

Oh, and every compassionate person in the country no matter who you are, where you live, don’t care… let’s do this. All candidates everywhere, too! Join us to say you will govern Compassionately and then DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU WILL to EARN THE PEOPLE’s TRUST!

Compassionate LIVE IT; SHARE IT #adultingdemocracy

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