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Compassionate America Declares

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Last updated on February 17, 2020


Sunday, 3/8/20


Sunday, March 8th from 7:00 PM to midnight, in your time zone.  


  • A BOYCOTT:  Put the media ON NOTICE! We’re sick of generated conflicts, negative spin, fearmongering, mistrust-discord-hate! We’re tuning out divisive: social-media, mainstream-media, alternative media, radio-media, blah, blah, blah… all the nasty tweets, posts, etc.… Instead, we’re going to stay informed WHILE also focusing on the good, taking care of ourselves, and paying attention to those we hold dear. Corporate Media/Advertisers: we can do without you, more than you can do without us! And, we can remind you of this fact through more and longer time outs, if you make it necessary.
  • A STATEMENT TO OUR EMPLOYEES: Congress, the Office of the Presidency, and Supreme Court. We the People have had ENOUGH. Start #AdultingDemocracy and remember what we learned in school and from School House Rock! You know, all that good stuff like being good to each other, checks and balances, freedoms, liberties, and responsibilities, like following the rule of law, etc… From here out, we expect that our representatives will do better than our ancestors’ failings while honoring and preserving the good we inherited from their successes. We’re watching how well you represent us ALL, and we’re going to vote in 2020 and beyond. Oh, and yes, we’ve dropped the ball at the state and local levels, as well, so you’re all put on notice, too.
  • A STATEMENT TO OUR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES:  Let’s use this time to get to know each other and unite in civic action as patriots.  Let’s talk about what the United States of America (the good and bad of it) means to us as individuals and groups.  Let’s listen to each other, discuss our hopes for America’s future, and plan how as individuals and groups we’ll make sure our representatives (employees) remain accountable to us! If politics has become a reality show…let’s make sure we’re the STARS!

Why:  This part is long.  Read it anyway.

If what comes next speaks to you, we’re glad it does!  And, please thank a social studies teacher, because you’re someone who gets it!  Democracy isn’t a spectator sport, and “We the People” are civics in action!  …whether we like it or not!

Most people care deeply about our country, and genuinely want to help make it a “more perfect union,” but we’re EXHAUSTED!  Some of us join organizations, start Twitter pages, or volunteer to help solve our society’s problems.  But, politically?  Many of us just don’t have the time for this mess.  Or maybe, we care so much that it hurts to think about what America has become. Either way, you’re not alone. Compassionate Americans are the REAL AMERICA, the 21st century’s new “silent majority,” sort of speak. And, we cannot be silent anymore!

We’re, stepping up!  Why?  Because we failed, and we need to fix this.  We REALLY need to fix this.  We’ve not kept the people we HIRED in check.  We should’ve safeguarded our collective liberties and rights better over the generations.  For the most part, we didn’t realize how bad things were until it was too late.  Let’s face it, we allowed ourselves to be too distracted & comfortable, OR we’ve been so overworked making ends meet that we haven’t had the time or energy.

So, like parents whose misbehaving kids know better and have stepped on the last of our collective nerves, we’re saying ENOUGH of this national “dog and pony show!”  We the Compassionate People of America declare a TIME OUT (and, with the way we’re behaving, we’ll probably need more)!

How can you participate?

Beyond TUNING OUT divisive, negative media during the National Time Out,

  • gather with family, friends, community members. Share an evening together not talking about politics OR talking about politics with an aim of truly listening and understanding each other’s views.
  • help a neighbor or volunteer in your community.
  • read and share the documents found at Particularly the “Declaration of Mission” and “Hope for a Compassionate America”
  • look to the Spirit of ’76 for guidance.  Spend the evening reading history!  Discuss how America’s past still impacts us today. Consider how you will take personal responsibility for creating a more perfect and compassionate union in the 21st Century!
  • learn more about groups already speaking out for #countryoverparty, like those on the list below. Who now invite to JOIN US!  Let’s stand under one umbrella and speak as one voice during this first, NATIONAL TIME OUT:  #ListenFirst, @1619Project, @runforsomething, @LetsMobilizeUS, @IFTalks, @atthetableCO, @DepolarizeUSA, @Compassion2020, @BYBdialogue, @bridgePitt, @public_partners, @EqualCItizens, @LeadershipNP @gencitizen, @Ed4Democracy, @civic_spirit, @RedistrictNEt, @ADPaascu, @KSU_icdd, @CAPPACWashCo, @nxtgenusa, @CenterDigest, @BOutcomesInc, @MakeShiftHouse, @JaclynNCP, @ResetGreat, @fixitshow, @curious_project, @ListenersUnite, @TheCPlan, @2_Tribes, @AmerModeration, @UniteAmerica, @ElectReformer, @sane_folks, @Gens_For_Peace, @SFCG_, @UiSPolitics, @commongroundcom, @CivilDiscourse1, @VillageSquareKC, @VillageSquareCA, @CC4Deomcracy, @WeListenUSA, @CivilityCrisis, @TheCivicCIrcle, @UnitednTogether, @AmPublicSquare, @listendocfilm, @CitizenUniv, @2thetable, @One_America, @CivilGovernment, @ADialogP, @CGSolutionsOrg, @BTDivide, @MADA_hosts, @SmarterConvos, @USConvoProject, @PearceGodwin, @AfPEacebuilding, @BrdgALlianceUS, @representus, @usapromise, @BPC_Bipartisan, @indigenousmove, @TownHallSeries, @CentProj @JusticePartyUSA, @SunFoundation, @Public_Citizen, @bipodisan, @IndivisibleTeam, @letamericavote, @StandUPRepublic, @ThirdWayTweet, @chkbal, @democracydefend, @forTheRuleOfLaw, @USConvoProject

PARTICIPATING?   Please give us some hope back, and let us know!  @CompassAmer76

NOTE TO ACADEMIC TYPES:  Read and consider this article; ideas in it resonate with the rationale for action behind Compassionate America.  Despite the mess the United States of America is in, there’s an opportunity for us to rise to the level of our #BetterAngels, in order to find a new sense of mission for the American electorate in 2020.  Hope helps to get out the vote. Compassionate academics, political-media elites, corporate executives, etc… we value you and your role in society during this time of crisis. But kindly, please read history and the materials on this website, follow us through FacebookTwitter, and discover why you should value the role of people like us, too!  If what we’ve said still doesn’t speak to you or seemstouchy-feely,” go in peace, and may your work on behalf of the Republic bring honor to us all, too.  Thank you.

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