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A Thank You and A Note About Our Goals

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Thanks to everyone for visiting our site and reading our documents. We truly hope that they can help as a unifying voice for all people who value compassion, no matter who they are or where they are in the United States.  Our voices need to be heard.  We are not seeking to form a political party; we simply wish to promote compassion as a new ideological narrative in America for the 21st century.

Admittedly, we are latecomers to the online world of activism.  Indeed, some of us had reservations about stepping out to this degree on the Internet.  Once online in places like Twitter, we discovered many people working for compassion in meaningful ways.  We were humbled and proud to see our fellow Americans sharing such useful information, along with specific tools and techniques that people can use in their everyday lives for compassionate living, regardless of their degree of activism. 

We hoped that you all were out there, and you are!  We don’t know how much you engage with each other already, but we want to say “hello” and tell you that we’re here, too, and we have an idea!  History tells us that long-term change, especially regarding national narratives, works best through grassroots activism, and as civics education once informed us, this especially is the case in our federal republic.

In the noisy world of social media, we are wondering how connected Compassionate Americans are toward creating a unified, alternative voice that, as in other times in our country’s history, could propel us forward toward a “more perfect union.”  We want to help other Compassionate Americans as they advocate for our collective and respective goals into the future.

We truly hope that the documents, “Hope for a Compassionate America” and “Declaration of Mission” serve all whose minds and hearts they touch.  Our goal is to present these documents to America as possible philosophical-ideological unifiers for our age!   We seek to circulate these missives for public use, far and wide.  We know that they may not speak equally to everyone, but we hope that the concepts expressed in them are broad enough to support what already unites Compassionate Americans and to empower all of us in our work!

  The Declaration of Mission is long, but it is designed to be.  We hope and request that individuals and groups devoted to a compassionate ideology for governance and living will read, reflect, and deeply consider if and how it specifically can support your work.

We also believe that NOW is the time for Compassionate Americans to unite and demand a new, ideological narrative.  We have a voice in determining the future of our country, too., and ALL of our voices matter NOW!

Therefore, we offer these documents to the American people!  Individuals and groups are welcome to use all or parts of them as they are or to add compassionate sentiments as they see fit to their respective missions.  The only thing we ask is that folks cite (give credit) to, when using or referencing them, in order to help us share with the American people.

Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and compassion. 

Let’s Live it and Share it!

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