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The Compassionate America Network: Programming by and for Independent-Minded Americans!


Founded in 2019, we’re average, caring Americans, declaring the rise of Compassionate Governance as the new ideology of the 21st Century. We’re educators, veterans, business and technology professionals, candidates, and reformers, uniting to say “enough!” to the two-party system’s (duopoly) stranglehold over the American narrative and We the People’s systems of self-governing. We produce and curate YouTube content that serves this mission

What We Do:

We’re an all-volunteer organization engaged in civics-education and civic-reform initiatives. We produce and share content via our YouTube channel: Compassionate America, for mission-aligned, independent-minded Americans, regardless of partisan affiliations. We also are active with political culture reform through our Declaration of Mission Candidate Challenge, Complaint for Declaratory Relief 50-State Strategy, and a partner organization: the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement.

To learn more about our YouTube channel’s programming, follow the drop-down menu under this tab. If you have questions or would like to help with our efforts, please email us at:

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

WE THE PEOPLE are the AUTHORITY and POWER behind our self-governance.