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Welcome to Compassionate America!

Let’s put people first!

May the best of the “Spirit of 1776” take hold now in the hearts and minds of every American, no matter who or where they are! 

Taken from the document: “Hope for a Compassionate America.”

You’re probably wondering who we are and if we are legitimate (aka not Russian bots). We are average, everyday, caring Americans, declaring the rise of Compassion as the new ideology of the 21st Century.

We are educators, veterans, professionals, and political candidates, who in 2019-2020 are saying ENOUGH to the duopoly’s stranglehold over the American narrative and have written the Declaration of Mission in order to move the country out of our self-created quagmire and toward Compassionate Governance in this century. Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE are the AUTHORITY and POWER behind our self-governance, constitutionally! Join us!

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

Two Documents to Share

A Hope for A Compassionate America!”

It’s short and gets to the heart of

As you read it ask yourself: Do I hope for these things, too?

Let’s Live it; Share it!

Declaration of Mission.

We know, it’s long. But, for those interested in things philosophical, we think it’s worth the read!

It declares to everyone in the country what we’re advocating!

Consider This

Do you want to live fearfully or compassionately?

What we decide matters. Unchecked fears are poisonous to others and us, while compassion is the antidote.

So, have hope! If you tend to BE fearful-minded, ACT compassionately as often as you can. Then, watch what happens to those fears!